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Varieties of Tea

Black Tea

Choose from our varied robust collection of flavors which are blended to perfection to give your taste buds a simulation. Whether you are in need of dark, flavored or plain Black Tea our varieties are special.

Green Tea

Searching for healthy and rich in antioxidants? Well, you are in right Place with the JM Green Tea. This amazing Tea revitalizes and boosts your energy with each sip.

Regional Tea

We care about the nature and our varied range of ozone friendly teas are evidence to a better tomorrow. We provide you the best and varieties of Tea collection from the different climatic regions.

Morning After Tea

When the sun rises, are you in need of the gentle nudge or a small shakedown of the earth-shattering to get yourself going? This unique collection is blended with the morning mind, but can you enjoy this at time of day.

Loose Leaf Tea

Mainly it is all about the leaf and we, JM have the finest collection for you. We have wide collection from mixed etc., with our infinite variety of collection of flavors have lot of choices to choose.

International Tea Collection

Especially selected for organic tastes from a wide range of climate teas around the world. Global favorites such as the popular English breakfast Tea is available.