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you are what you drink


JM Trading is a company that is passionate about tea. It is our objective to deliver quality tea in its purest form and flavor to the tea lovers in the GCC, ASIA, AFRICA and EUROPE. What makes our tea so enchanting is the care we bestow up on selecting the tea leaves, process and blending techniques perfect packing system with pure sterile conditions and deliver them to our customers’ worldwide.

varieties of tea

  • Black Tea

    Choose from our varied robust collection of flavors which are blended...

  • Green Tea

    Searching for healthy and rich in antioxidants? Well, you are in right Place.

  • Regional Tea

    We care about the nature and our varied range of ozone friendly tea...

  • Morning After Tea

    When the sun rises, are you in need of a gentle nudge or a small shakedown of the...

  • Loose Leaf Tea

    Mainly it is all about the leaf and we, JM have the finest collection for you.

  • International Tea Collection

    Especially selected for organic tastes from...

health benefits


As we know, it contains antioxidants which helps shrink blood vessels underneath the eye. The excess of Vitamin K in green tea helps lighten the dark circles of the delicate skins around the eye.